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New Paper: On the Robustness of Google Scholar against Spam

Update: The final article is published. Please read here. I am currently in Toronto presenting our new paper titled “On the Robustness of Google Scholar against Spam” at Hypertext 2010. The paper is about some experiments we did on Google Scholar to find out how reliable their citation data etc. is. [...]

Academic Search Engine Optimization: What others think about it

In January we published our article about Academic Search Engine Optimization (ASEO) . As expected, feedback varied strongly. Here are some of the opinions on ASEO: Search engine optimization (SEO) has a golden age in this internet era, but to use it in academic research, it sounds quite strange for me. After [...]

Academic Search Engine Optimization – make your articles better findable

The Journal of Scholarly Publishing just published our article Academic Search Engine Optimization (ASEO): Optimizing Scholarly Literature for Google Scholar and Co. The article introduces and discusses the concept of what we call “academic search engine optimization” (ASEO) and define as: “Academic search engine optimization is the creation, publication, and modification of scholarly literature in [...]

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