Mr.  DLib [1] is an acronym for Machine-readable Digital Library. The library comprises the full-texts, including the bibliographic metadata in XML and JSON format for several million academic articles. In addition, Mr. DLib offers a recommendation engine suggesting related documents for given input articles. All data in Mr. DLib, including literature recommendations, can be accessed via a RESTful web service.

This service:

  • helps academic service providers enhance their own portfolio, e.g., by providing more precise literature recommendations
  • supports researchers in need for (large amounts of) bibliographic data or scholarly full-texts, e.g., to perform impact or trend analyses
  • provides a base to other agents for building own services upon the data of Mr. DLib.

Probability Abstract Service

The Probability Abstract Service (PAS) is a project of Prof.  Jim Pitman (UC Berkeley), which makes use of the web service of Mr. DLib to acquire metadata from other sources, such as

User Guide

The Mr. DLib user guide is available here.

Related Publications

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