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2004, 2010

Hypertext 2010 Security Hole: All papers downloadable and editable by anyone (2 month before conference start)

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In June the ACM Hypertext 2010 will take place in Toronto. Some days ago I wanted to upload the camera ready versions of three papers being accepted at the conference. And… I was surprised. By email I got a link to a web page (namely (more…)

1804, 2010

Academic Search Engine Optimization: What others think about it

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In January we published our article about

Academic Search Engine Optimization (ASEO). As expected, feedback varied strongly. Here are some of the opinions on ASEO:

Search engine optimization (SEO) has a golden age in this internet era, but to use it in academic research, it sounds quite strange for me. After reading this publication (pdf) focusing on this issue, my opinion changed.


203, 2010

How to write a thesis (Bachelor, Master, or PhD) and which software tools to use

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Available translations: Chinese (thanks to Chen Feng) | Portuguese (thanks to Marcelo Cruz dos Santos) | Russian (thanks to Sergey Loy)
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Writing a thesis is a complex task. You need to find related literature, take notes, draft the thesis, and eventually write the final document and create the bibliography. Many books explain how to perform a literature survey and how to write scholarly literature in general and a thesis in particular (e.g.

[1-9]). However, these books barely, if at all, cover software tools that help in performing these tasks. This is surprising, because great software tools that can facilitate the daily work of students and researchers are available and many of them for free.


201, 2010

Academic Search Engine Optimization – make your articles better findable

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The Journal of Scholarly Publishing just published our article Academic Search Engine Optimization (ASEO): Optimizing Scholarly Literature for Google Scholar and Co. The article introduces and discusses the concept of what we call “academic search engine optimization” (ASEO) and define as: “Academic search engine optimization is the creation, publication, and modification of scholarly literature in a way that makes it easier for academic search engines to both crawl it and index it”. (more…)