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If you are interested in working with us, e.g. during a student project or for compiling a thesis, please see our dedicated page at the University of Konstanz for project proposals.

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1401, 2011

Beta 14 of SciPlore MindMapping is out: Import comments & highlighted text; more BibTeX attributes, Export works now, …

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We added some new features to SciPlore MindMapping Beta 14 that should help you a lot in managing your academic literature: Many users told us they would like not only to import bookmarks but comments and highlighted text from PDFs to their mind maps. Well, this is now possible :-). (more…)

1812, 2010

Beta 12 and 13 of SciPlore MindMapping released

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Beta 12 has many new features and improvements

  • New: Incoming PDFs are now displayed in seperate window
  • New: ‘Import All’ and ‘Import New’ Bookmarks
  • Improved: Update of the monitoring node is now MUCH, MUCH faster
  • Improved: Better understandable error messages when the web service is not available (for mind map backup, user validation etc.)
  • Improved: Logging events are sent up to three times if connection breaks
  • Improved: Better exception handling if no internet connection exists
  • Improved: Icons are now in higher resolution (more…)
1812, 2010

Do you trust Google Scholar?

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Are you using Google Scholar? For finding scientific literature? For obtaining citation counts and publication lists of researchers? Have you ever thought about how trustworthy the information is you get on Google Scholar? (more…)

1206, 2010

New Paper: On the Robustness of Google Scholar against Spam

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Update: The final article is published.

Please read here.

I am currently in Toronto presenting our new paper titled “On the Robustness of Google Scholar against Spam” at Hypertext 2010. The paper is about some experiments we did on Google Scholar to find out how reliable their citation data etc. is. The paper soon will be downloadable on our publication page but for now i will post a pre-print version of that paper here in the blog:


In this research-in-progress paper we present the current results of several experiments in which we analyzed whether spamming Google Scholar is possible. Our results show, it is possible: We ‘improved’ the ranking of articles by manipulating their citation counts and we made articles appear in searchers for keywords the articles did not originally contained by placing invisible text in modified versions of the article. (more…)