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1207, 2011

Lots of great news: Beta 16 ready for release, Cooperation with Freeplane team, Docear receives funding, …

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There is lots of great news.

Beta 16 is about to be released (Preview for Blog readers available now)

The last Beta was released in March, quite a while ago. We were really busy with preparing the

relaunch of SciPlore MindMapping as Docear. However, we also had time to finish Beta 16 with two really nice new features and lots of improvements and bug fixes. This will be the last version of SciPlore MindMapping. The next release will be a Beta version of the all-new Docear. Before releasing Beta 16, we would like to ask you – our Blog readers – to test it. If you should find bugs during the next two days, we will fix them before releasing Beta 16 officially. All bugs discovered after that deadline will be fixed in the first Docear Beta scheduled for September. (more…)

2004, 2011

Be a Guinea Pig: Take Part in a User Study and Help Improving SciPlore MindMapping

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We – that is the SciPlore team and Hilah Geer (Head librarian at the Oslo School of Management) – need your help!

Hilah is a fan of SciPlore and for her research she wants to perform a user study (interviews) with some users of SciPlore MindMapping to understand how academics are using SciPlore MindMapping. The results will help us to understand how you are using the software and how we can improve it. Therefore, please, if you are an active academic user of Sciplore MindMapping, help us understanding how you work with SciPlore MindMapping. Participate in the 30minutes interviews and read on what Hilah has to tell you about the interviews: (more…)

1004, 2011

The new name of SciPlore MindMapping is… “Docear”

By |April 10th, 2011|Categories: sciplore mindmapping, software|1 Comment

One month ago we asked our users to send us suggestions for a

new name for SciPlore MindMapping. We got a few dozens of ideas and would like to thank all the participants very very much for their great and creative ideas! In our team, we had lots of discussion about the pros and cons of all the names. Eventually, we decided that “Docear” was the best idea. Why? (more…)

2803, 2011

SciPlore MindMapping now provides literature recommendations (Beta 15)

By |March 28th, 2011|Categories: sciplore mindmapping, software|Tags: , |2 Comments

Beta 15 of SciPlore MindMapping is out. The major new feature is the literature recommendation module. Based on your mind maps SciPlore MindMapping provides you with literature recommendations that can be downloaded immediately and for free. For this feature we use our upcoming new service Mr. DLib which has several millions of articles indexed from the Web. I have to admit, recommendations are not really good right now because we use a very simple algorithm. However, recommendations will become much better in near future, promised :-).


303, 2011

Help us finding a new name for “SciPlore MindMapping”

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Over a year ago we started the development of SciPlore MindMapping. So far the response in the academic community was overwhelming. We get almost daily emails from users telling us how much they like the software and download counts are steadily increasing. Now, I am very pleased to announce that in the near future we will continue the development of SciPlore MindMapping as an independent tool from SciPlore. The focus of “SciPlore MindMapping” differs just too much from the goal of “SciPlore” and despite, the name “SciPlore MindMapping” is just too long anyway.

So, what we do need is a new name for SciPlore MindMapping and we want you help finding it!

There are few (but tricky) demands to the new name: (more…)

102, 2011

Good by FreeMind, welcome FreePlane

By |February 1st, 2011|Categories: sciplore mindmapping|Tags: , , |22 Comments

When we started the development of SciPlore MindMapping about a year ago we decided to use FreeMind as code base. That means we used FreeMind`s source code, modified it slightly, and added some new features. It was a straight forward decision: for many years, FreeMind was bascially the standard choice if you wanted a free open source mind mapping software and it was written in Java, our preferred programing language. However, time is changing and FreeMind unfortunately is not. Since a long time, the FreeMind team is releasing new versions very slowly, not to say the development of FreeMind almost pauses.

Therefore we decided to switch to Freeplane as code base in near future (around July 2011). (more…)