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Here you can find the projects and publications of the Sciplore research group.

Our current projects:

If you are interested in working with us, e.g. during a student project or for compiling a thesis, please see our dedicated page at the University of Konstanz for project proposals.

Watch a video about our MindMapping software for researchers:


1801, 2012

Experimental Releases

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We decided to make our internal test releases public. Every one or two weeks we will publish an experimental release of Docear in our forum. Those releases are not thoroughly tested but have the latest features. You can subscribe to the forum to be notified about new experimental releases (we won’t post them in the Blog or mention them in the newsletter). If you try an experimental release, your bug reports are highly welcome in our bug forum.

1601, 2012

Docear Video Teaser Online

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We created an introductory video for Docear. It aims at providing a brief overview of Docear’s capabilities and the basic workflow. Please let us know what you think could be improved. Personally, I believe it could be done much better in general but we don’t have the skills to do it ;-). If you have experience with video editing, please don’t hesitate to make your own video. If someone is interested I would also gladly share the raw material.

1501, 2012

(Bachelor) Students: Do a (Paid) Internship at Docear or SciPlore in Magdeburg, Germany or Berkeley, USA

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We are happy to announce that we can offer paid internships to German, British, and North American (USA & Canada) Bachelor students, in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Some of the internships are in cooperation with our partner SciPlore or for our project Mr. DLib. However, all results will be used by Docear, too. These are the internships we are offering (all in the field of software development).

Docear Internships (preferably in Magdeburg, Germany)

PDF Header/Metadata Extraction

Creating a Recommender System for Docear

Joined Internships by SciPlore/Docear/Mr. DLib (preferably in Berkeley, US)

Deduplication of Records in Academic Literature Databases

Header Extraction from Scientific PDF Documents

Recommendation Engine for Academic Literature

And here is how it works:

If you are a Bachelor student from the US, Canada or the UK you can apply for a DAAD scholarship which will fully fund your internship (only “Docear internships”). To do so, visit the DAAD Rise website, register, search in the database for the Docear internships and apply. In case you application is successful, your internship will take place in Magdeburg, Germany in summer 2012. Deadline for applications is January 31, 2012.

If you are a German Bachelor student, you can apply for a DAAD scholarship too, but only for the “joined internships”. To do so, visit the DAAD Rise Worldwide website, register, search in the database for the joined internships, and apply. In case your application is successful, your internship will take place in fall 2012 in Berkeley (USA). Deadline for applications is January 15, 2012.

If you are neither a German nor US/UK/Canadian Bachelor student or if you don’t like the location or time the sponsored internships require, you can still apply for the internships with a date, location and duration of your choice. However,  we won’t be able to pay you. If you are still interested, send us an email with application letter and resume to team@sciplore.org.

It is also possible (and highly welcome) to combine the internship with writing a (Bachelor) thesis.

501, 2012

Docear4Word – Help us developing it

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Up to now we recommended using BibTeX4Word to cite your papers in Microsoft Word. However, the installation of BibTeX4Word is complex and its use is not that user friendly (the Word add-ons from Zotero and Mendeley are much more intuitive).

Originally, we planned  to develop our own Docear4Word but we just didn’t have the time because we want to focus on Docear itself. Therefore we wrote a detailed specification of what we want to have developed. If you think you could help us (for money or even free), or if you have ideas of what is missing in the specification, please let us know.

401, 2012

Docear 1.0 Alpha 1 available for registered users

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We released the first preview version of the new Docear, the successor of SciPlore MindMapping. Please visit our new website www.docear.org for more information and read in our blog about the preview version Alpha 1. Please note that from now on, SciPlore MindMapping will not be updated any more. In addition, we won’t write in this Blog about updates of Docear. Please visit (and subscribe) the new Docear Blog for future notifications about new releases.

1608, 2011

First draft of Docear website done; who can help with WordPress configuration?

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We have create a draft for our new Docear website (comments are welcome :-)). Now we want to implement the design in WordPress, probably with the Atahualpa theme. However, we are no experts with WordPress. Therefore my question: Can anybody of you help us with implementing the design from the screenshot in WordPress (ideally with the Atahualpa theme)? If so, please send an email to “beel A/T sci plore.org”.


Docear website draft

1507, 2011

What are *your* thoughts about having a workspace in SciPlore MindMapping / Docear?

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We are considering to implement a “workspace” for Docear (the successor of SciPlore MindMapping). It should be similar to the workspace some of you know maybe from the IDE Eclipse. Also Zotero and Mendeley do have something like a workspace. For instance, Zotero has a workspace where the root is called “My Library” and this library can contain multiple sub folders. It’s the same with Mendeley. Mendeley has also a workspace which contains “My Library”, “Groups”, and “Trash” whereas the Library has several sub folders named “All Documents”, “Recently Added”, etc.

I really like this concept but feel we cannot copy it 1:1 as mind mapping is more complex. I would really like to hear the thoughts of you, the users. Please use our discussion forum to tell us your ideas (no registration required) and do not post a comment here in the Blog.