Paid Internships in Tokyo, Japan for MS and PhD Students

We are offering two internships related to various research and software development projects at the National Institute of Informatics Tokyo – Japan’s premiere research institute in computer science. Key Facts: • Location: Tokyo, Japan • Duration: minimum 2 months, maximum flexible • Salary: approx. 170,000 JPY per month (sufficient to cover living expenses in Tokyo) [...]

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Apply for a Paid Internship at SciPlore – Summer 2014

In cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), we are offering a paid internship for a computer science Bachelor student, who is passionate about prototype design and development. Prerequisite is that you are a student studying at a German university. More details on prerequisites here, download the project description as PDF. At SciPlore you will [...]

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New release of SciPlore Mindmapping / Docear

Version 1.0 is out now. We’ve added several new features and made many improvements over the past few months. See for yourself: New user manual To the download What is Docear? Docear is a unique solution to academic literature management. It seamlessly integrates mind mapping with a reference manager to help you organizing your [...]

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CitePlag got a makeover

CitePlag is the first prototype of a citation-based Plagiarism Detection (CbPD) System. The prototype was recently demonstrated at the SIGIR conference 2013. What makes CitePlag novel? In contrast to existing text-based approaches to plagiarism detection, CitePlag does not solely analyze literal text matches to determine document suspiciousness – but rather, CitePlag makes use of the unique citation placement in the full-text [...]

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(Bachelor) Students: Do a (Paid) Internship at Docear or SciPlore in Magdeburg, Germany or Berkeley, USA

We are happy to announce that we can offer paid internships to German, British, and North American (USA & Canada) Bachelor students, in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Some of the internships are in cooperation with our partner SciPlore or for our project Mr. DLib. However, all results will be used by Docear, too. These are [...]

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