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SciPlore MindMapping now provides literature recommendations (Beta 15)

Beta 15 of SciPlore MindMapping is out. The major new feature is the literature recommendation module. Based on your mind maps SciPlore MindMapping provides you with literature recommendations that can be downloaded immediately and for free. For this feature we use our upcoming new service Mr. DLib which has several millions of articles indexed from [...]

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Good by FreeMind, welcome FreePlane

When we started the development of SciPlore MindMapping about a year ago we decided to use FreeMind as code base. That means we used FreeMind`s source code, modified it slightly, and added some new features. It was a straight forward decision: for many years, FreeMind was bascially the standard choice if you wanted a free open [...]

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Beta 12 and 13 of SciPlore MindMapping released

Beta 12 has many new features and improvements New: Incoming PDFs are now displayed in seperate window New: ‘Import All’ and ‘Import New’ Bookmarks Improved: Update of the monitoring node is now MUCH, MUCH faster Improved: Better understandable error messages when the web service is not available (for mind map backup, user validation etc.) Improved: [...]

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How to write a thesis (Bachelor, Master, or PhD) and which software tools to use

Available translations: Chinese (thanks to Chen Feng) | Portuguese (thanks to Marcelo Cruz dos Santos) | Russian (thanks to Sergey Loy) send us your translation Writing a thesis is a complex task. You need to find related literature, take notes, draft the thesis, and eventually write the final document and create the bibliography. Many books explain how to perform a literature survey and how [...]

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