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Docear goes CeBIT

From March 6th to 10th, 2012 we will be at the CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. CeBIT is the digital industry's largest and most international trade show. This event is always worth a visit. We will be at Halle 9, Stand A 10 to present Docear. You are welcome to visit us and meet the Docear team (or at least part [...]

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First public version of Docear released (1.0 Beta 1)

Today, on February 15th, 2012 we released the first public version of Docear. It’s a Beta version and still has some bugs and missing features but overall it will give you a thorough impression of what we consider an academic literature suite should be. The main idea behind Docear is that you annotate everything you consider important in a PDF. That means, you highlight text, write comments, or create bookmarks in the PDF. To create bookmarks and comments, you can use almost any PDF reader (highlighting text is a bit more complicated). These PDF annotations are then imported by Docear to a mind map. In this mind map you can organize all your annotations into categories, create further nodes and add more text. With the integrated reference manager, bibliographic data can be added to each of the PDF annotations (and all other nodes in the mind map). Subsequently, you can create a new mind map, drag e.g. a research paper, copy your annotations to the draft and if you need more information you just click on the PDF annotation and the PDF will open on the page the annotation was made. Watch this video to get a better idea of what Docear can do (watch it in full-screen mode). […]

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Experimental Releases

We decided to make our internal test releases public. Every one or two weeks we will publish an experimental release of Docear in our forum. Those releases are not thoroughly tested but have the latest features. You can subscribe to the forum to be notified about new experimental releases (we won't post them in the Blog [...]

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Docear Video Teaser Online

We created an introductory video for Docear. It aims at providing a brief overview of Docear's capabilities and the basic workflow. Please let us know what you think could be improved. Personally, I believe it could be done much better in general but we don't have the skills to do it ;-). If you have [...]

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Docear4Word – Help us developing it

Up to now we recommended using BibTeX4Word to cite your papers in Microsoft Word. However, the installation of BibTeX4Word is complex and its use is not that user friendly (the Word add-ons from Zotero and Mendeley are much more intuitive). Originally, we planned  to develop our own Docear4Word but we just didn't have the time because [...]

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Docear 1.0 Alpha 1 available for registered users

We released the first preview version of the new Docear, the successor of SciPlore MindMapping. Please visit our new website for more information and read in our blog about the preview version Alpha 1. Please note that from now on, SciPlore MindMapping will not be updated any more. In addition, we won't write in [...]

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First draft of Docear website done; who can help with WordPress configuration?

We have create a draft for our new Docear website (comments are welcome :-)). Now we want to implement the design in Wordpress, probably with the Atahualpa theme. However, we are no experts with Wordpress. Therefore my question: Can anybody of you help us with implementing the design from the screenshot in Wordpress (ideally with [...]

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What are *your* thoughts about having a workspace in SciPlore MindMapping / Docear?

We are considering to implement a "workspace" for Docear (the successor of SciPlore MindMapping). It should be similar to the workspace some of you know maybe from the IDE Eclipse. Also Zotero and Mendeley do have something like a workspace. For instance, Zotero has a workspace where the root is called "My Library" and this [...]

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Lots of great news: Beta 16 ready for release, Cooperation with Freeplane team, Docear receives funding, …

There is lots of great news. Beta 16 is about to be released (Preview for Blog readers available now) The last Beta was released in March, quite a while ago. We were really busy with preparing the relaunch of SciPlore MindMapping as Docear . However, we also had time to finish Beta 16 with two [...]

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Be a Guinea Pig: Take Part in a User Study and Help Improving SciPlore MindMapping

We - that is the SciPlore team and Hilah Geer (Head librarian at the Oslo School of Management) - need your help! Hilah is a fan of SciPlore and for her research she wants to perform a user study (interviews) with some users of SciPlore MindMapping to understand how academics are using SciPlore MindMapping. The [...]

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