Version 1.0 is out now. We’ve added several new features and made many improvements over the past few months.

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What is Docear?

Docear is a unique solution to academic literature management. It seamlessly integrates mind mapping with a reference manager to help you organizing your thoughts and import the annotations you made while reading PDFs.

Docear’s approach, which we termed the ‘literature suite concept’, helps you with all three steps of the reading – creative thinking – and the writing process:

  • organize your thoughts and annotations (mind map)
  • create new documents (exporting outlines from mind map)
  • discover new academic literature (recommender system)

Docear does this in a single-section user-interface. This distinguishes the software from the interfaces of competitors, including Zotero, JabRef, Mendeley, Endnote, etc. Our goal is that you never get lost or forget an idea again.

Docear helps you draft and write academic documents, e.g.  papers, books, or theses, by organizing the notes, highlights, comments, bookmarks, etc. you created in PDFs in a single mind map. Docear works with standard PDF annotations, so you can use your favorite PDF viewer. You can export an outline of your paper from your mind map to your word processor.

The literature suite concept includes a recommender system that lets you discover new academic literature and a reference manager that helps you cite sources and create your bibliography.

Docear is free and open source and offers many additional features. You can find the details here: